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My name is Willow and I am a professional singing teacher based here in Milton Keynes.

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My Mission
Professional Tuition

I tutor students across a wide range of different genres from jazz and soul to pop and rock, helping all abilities develop their vocal technique.

I am an experienced and qualified singing teacher, able to teach grades 1 – 8 (ABRSM; Trinity; Rockschool), as well as University level and beyond.

I currently offer lessons for all ages and abilities and if you would like to know more, please send me an email or give me a call.


Mobile Singing Teacher in Milton Keynes


Willow Leitanaite
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My Lessons
Professional Vocal Tuition

I help my students learn through the songs that they love, so whether you are passionate about the songs from Frozen, mad about singing Les Mis or into the rock from all eras I have the lessons for you.

Indeed, I can cover almost every genre - so it is really your choice what we sing. I teach all ages with beginners to advanced male & female students welcome.

£50 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Check out the prices page for more information about the cost of lessons.

Personalised singing lessons.

Singing lessons made with your own personal music tastes in mind.

Lesson Focus

Build Confidence

Learn how to become confident in your own voice.

Build Confidence

Become more confident in your own performing ability

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    Lesson Focus: Learn how to sing infront of others with ease.
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    Lesson Focus: Learn to love your own voice.
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    Lesson Focus: Build on your vocal range
Lessons Focus

Lessons when you want

Learn at the times that work for you.

Lessons when you want

Take lessons as and when suits you.

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    Lesson Focus: Weekly lessons available.
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    Lesson Focus: Fortnightly lessons available.
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    Lesson Focus: Half hour or hour long lessons.
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    Lesson Focus: Learn at your own pace.
Lessons Focus

Find Your Own Voice

Find the inner voice that is unique to you.

Find Your Own Voice

Develop your own unique voice with a little help from the artists you love to listen to.

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    Lesson Focus: Try different genres & techniques.
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    Lesson Focus: Work to your strengths and improve your weaknesses.
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    Lesson Focus: Use your favourite singers styles to create something unique to you.
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    Lesson Focus: Build confidence in your own style.
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Singing Lessons Milton Keynes Teacher - Willow Leitanaite
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I can help you

I can help every aspect of your voice, from maintaining healthy technique to learning new techniques, together we will make a lesson plan that fits your needs. I am always taking on new students all year so please do not hesitate to get in touch to arrange a lesson.


Frequently Asked Questions

I currently charge £50 for an hours lesson.

I am a mobile singing teacher, so will travel to you to provide singing lessons in the comfort of your own home. I have found that students learn well within the comfort of their own homes, helping my pupils build confidence as well as vocal strength and ability.

I believe that learning music should be for everyone & because of this I offer my services to all ages.

Absolutely, name me someone who isn't nervous about singing in front of people. Even experience performers, including some of the best-known pop stars, get nervous - however, great teachers have a way of helping to put you at ease to enable you to concentrate on learning to sing as soon as you walk through the lesson door.

That very much depends on your own definition of what singing is and when you have achieved it - for example even after a few months many of my students will have the confidence and technical ability to sing in front of friends and family at one of the relaxed open mic nights that we do. At this point, their vocal ability will enable them to deliver a song of their choice in a way that listeners can enjoy. From here you can continue to develop your voice, enabling you to move on to impress the audience - this can take several years, then thereafter mastering the voice so you can have a world-beating vocal ability can take a whole lifetime of dedication - indeed, I still see myself as someone who is continuing to develop my voice.

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